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Elevation Medical Staffing believes in work life balance. We seek to recruit and retain candidates with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. We identify the right candidates and strategically connect them with employers who are seeking to create a productive environment that produces excellence, which is an important aspect of an organization’s success.

Core Values

Elevation Medical Staffing’s core values define our culture and shape the way we service our clients and support our employees. We ELEVATE each other and our clients to achieve SUSTAINABLE.

We are invested in providing a superior customer experience for our clients to support them with meeting their staffing solution needs and delivering on their promises to their clients.

We are committed to developing our employees by providing personal and professional development that increase their knowledge, skills and abilities. Our commitment to developing our employees supports them delivering the optimal level of services to our clients.

We thrive on our trusted relationships with our clients, employees and other stakeholders. Leveraging these trusted alliances supports us with providing the best possible people solutions to our clients.

We intentionally foster transparent communications with our clients and employees so that we can deliver value-driven solutions to our clients and sustain a healthy workplace. We are widely trusted because we provide timely knowledge, information and resources to our clients and employees.

We invest in our employees to support them with securing the future they desire via education, financial freedom and career development.

We are fueled by excellence and driven by our commitment to our clients, our clients’ clients and our diverse communities we serve. We hold ourselves accountable and responsible for providing our clients with high-quality talent and exceptional service.

We hold ourselves accountable for our results and demonstrating value-driven behaviors for our clients.  

 We give our employees the structure, resources and flexibility necessary to promote high morale, efficiency, and excellent client service.

We care about our people, we take care of our people, so our people can focus on taking care of you!

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Flexible Work Schedules

High Placement Rate

Continuous Learning


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